Sunday, 11 November 2007

Love Your Enemies, Kill Your Friends Vol. 1

Sorry about posting being very infrequent as of late, I have just managed to finish a pile of history essays that are going to get rubbish marks anyway.Recently I've been listening to a lot of scary sounding sinister stuff, (probably as a way of coping with SO MUCH WORK) and here's the first official Suburban Ghetto Musick mix. You've probably heard a lot of the stuff on here, most of it's pretty new but there's a few tracks that go back a few years. Because I'm rubbish and useless I forgot to do that really cool thing where you shove some kind of blog logo onto all the tracks, but I honestly cannot be bothered to spend another half hour waiting for Megaupload.
It's all here as a zip file, if it doesn't work then comment and I'll put them all up here as separate mp3s.
Hypocrite time: Support the artists! Buy buy buy all these if you like them, I am too lazy to find buy links to all of these.

DOWNLOAD:Kill Your Friends Compilation

P.S. - Do not actually kill your friends, this blog is here to promote music not murder. Except maybe Peaches Geldof, feel free to kill her.

****/// Update: For general whoring and self promotion purposes, here's the tracklist in a more search-engine friendly way (text). Regular Posting will resume eventually.

Rage Against The Machine vs SebastiAn – Killing In The Name Of SebastiAn
Fake Shark Real Zombie – Wolf Is The New The
Sohodolls – Trash The Rental
Mindless Self Indulgence – Shut Me Up
Trash Fashion – Mom & Daddy
Crystal Castles – Alice Practice
Enter Shikari – Labyrinth
Lillica Libertine – Ultra 10
Blood Red Shoes – Stitch Me Back
Queen Adreena – Pretty Like Drugs
SebastiAn – Ross Ross Ross
Party Sausage – Terradactyl Egg Protector
Pre – Know Yr Teachers
Klaxons vs So-Me – Golden Skans To Interzone
Bark Bark Bark – One Thing Stands
Test Icicles - Sharks


Julie Oakley said...

Like the graphics very much, despite the horrible title

alejo said...

haha the name reminds me of birdy nam nam. music seems cool so i'm downloading!