Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Alice Practice Lyrics? My Obsession Is Becoming Worrying.

crystal castles

I have been playing every Crystal Castles mp3 i own on a loop for about 2 hours.
I spent about 10 minutes working out the words to 'Alice Practice'. I don't care if it's just a soundcheck Ethan decided to shove on myspace, I now know the words. And don't tell me there aren't any. I, like many, thought Crystal Castles was just random screaming, then I realised if you listen to 'Mother Knows Best', there is a bit where Alice spells out 'H-E-R-P-E-S'. Which is quite gross really, but just the tip of the iceberg if you read the full lyrics. 'Insecticon' is profoundly less disgusting, although I'm sure it's a metaphor for some kind of obsessive/abusive relationship; or there's 'XXZXCZX ME', which is about 'Aids Robots', apparently. Just a thought: what do their parents actually think about the weird music they make?


Scars, in you, son.
You shrug it off,
Except for you don't.

Better, it surely
It don't fall out.
Said I live low,
I lisp, I die.
But you've been shooting
Bled with deadbeats,
Only crawl so your sad eyes.
Quite christian,

Drop it: it's dead.
We dropped it
And took the body home.
Sad eyes...

Scars; I'm chopping dagger
See you'll never walk, only stagger.
Sad eyes,
Quite christian,

These are obviously not definitive, but I think it's a reasonably good guess. God knows what it means or even if it's meant to mean anything. If you think you can do better, post your alternate lyrics!

***///UPDATE, January 2008. I've changed my mind, now I reckons the first line is 'scars will heal, soon'.


dotty said...

those arent the lyrics, a few are right though.

Tom OMG said...

yes, well obviously it was unlikely i was going to get them all right, just it has recently dawned on me that although they are pretty hard to work out, there are actually words to this song. And I can't find any discussion anywhere else on the net, if you think you know it better, post it yourself!

dotty said...

there are definitely words to her songs, but she doesnt want them posted

dotty said...

not trying to sound so negative, its all in good fun, go ahead and keep guessing

salem said...

eh? dotty, why are you being so cryptic?

Anonymous said...

"children shouldnt play with dead things" no?

Anonymous said...

In the first line, i think she says
"scars will heal, soon"

And its
"Sad eyes
cry crimson

not "quite christian", lmaooo.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was "scars will heal, slowly"

Anonymous said...

scars will heal soon.

thts what i got from the song
but i gotta say i think the second long paragraph is right
well done boyo

Anonymous said...

i heard "I live long, i live, i die"

Chairman Meow said...

Is Dotty some kind of oracle of lyrical knowledge...please do share if that's the case. I thought twas a good bash Tom, keep up the good work and check out our latest Irregular playlist, you'll be pleased to find plenty of the Castles gracing it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yay I finally know what shes singing!
ut I always though for
"Said I live low,
I lisp, I die.
But you've been shooting"
she was singing
"Alice Attack
Shilpa Shetty Blair Witch"
but I was thinking that could never of worked!

Anonymous said...

I hear
"scars will heal, soon"
"this drug in us spent the earth, down"

Not completely sure if its right.

MichaelMacabre said...


scars, will heal, soon.
this drug in us, spins the earth, down.
better, it surely, i don't follow,
i live low.
alice attack.
children shouldn't play with dead things.
only crawl.
so your lonely sad eyes.
cry crimson.
drop it, it's dead.
we dropped down, and took the body home.
sad eyes.
scars, like chopping daggers.
see you'll never walk.
only stagger.
sad eyes, cry crimson, blood.

Anonymous said...


scars will heal soon
the dregs in us spent the earth down

better than drowning in a burlap sack
i live. as alice. i die.
children shouldn't play with dead things
only coal
tear at their wings
sad eyes cry crimson blood

drop it its dead
wheels won't turn they won't turn the birdy's head
sad eyes sad eyes like sharpened daggers
you'll never walk only stagger
sad eyes quite cryptic

matt and jodie said...


scars will heal
this drug in us
spins the earth

better, than drowning, in a burlap,
i live low
alice attack

children shouldnt play with dead things
only crawl
so your lonely sad eyes
cry christian

drop it
its dead
wheels wont turn, they trapped the birds head
sad eyes
sad eyes like sharpened daggers
see youll never walk
only stagger
sad eyes
cry christian