Sunday, 4 November 2007


Last night I had lots of fun at the St Albans fireworks, despite the local radio's attempt to ruin the display by playing the same Robbie Williams song three times over the course of the evening. Seriously. Anyway here's some music:

If you like disco, witty lyrics and unrepentantly middle-class accents, you will love the Cleft Palletes. They describe themselves as "Like Crystal Castles but not cool, or good." Which is highly innacurate but gives you a sense of their band ethos. They also wear sunglasses on the tube because they're big deals. As well as some genuinely fun original material they also have a range of remixes which you can stream from their remix page.
The band have made three of their songs available to download from here.
I highly reccomend them all - there's 'Emo Blates' which seems to be an attempt at a spoof death metal record with lyrics as ridiculous as "I hope that you have an umbrella cos it's gonna be raining fire"; 'Party Wall' which has synths that sound like they're ripped out the music to a 90s computer game; or there's 'Seasnake', which is completely psychadelic.

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