Thursday, 4 October 2007


Incredible excitement pours forth - Crystal Castles are coming back to London, and so are The Teenagers and These New Puritans. Did I mention it's free? Supposing you haven't already, I implore you to go and register for the chance of winning tickets. Starting late october, the Vice Tour is going to loads of student unions, it's gonna be noisy. If you haven't seen Crystal Castles you haven't lived, click here to read my ridiculously overhyped review of them at this summer's awesome Underage Festival.

DOWNLOAD: Crystal Castles - Seed
DOWNLOAD: The Teenagers - Tiger

In other news, if you're free next friday, I would suggest you hop on a train to Kentish Town to see toystep duo Partyshank at the Boston Arms. If you feel so inclined, I might suggest you have a little read of my ridiculously overhyped review of them at the New Cross Inn.

DOWNLOAD: Partyshank - Penis vs Vagina
DOWNLOAD: Partyshank - Untilted
By the way, both of these songs are low bitrate and are repeatedly interrupted by a computer generated voice reading out their myspace address.


Anonymous said...

I can't see your old CC review. Can you post it in a comment?

Tom OMG said...

oh oops i forgot to actually put the link in the hyperlink!
its at