Monday, 8 October 2007

Niyi & Namalee: Super?

Niyi and Namalee are all about bright colours, optimism and not being afraid to make a fool of yourself. Namalee's top fashion tip for this season is "saucepans on heads". Making regular appearances in London's no.1 cut-and-paste style magazine Super Super¹, Niyi and Namalee are turning heads. Here's what Niyi has to say for himself on his myspace:

"I'm a really nice guy who who is trying to do this music thing after dropping out of uni. my mum got all african and threw her splipper at me. so i need to prove her wrong... i had to get her to pay my rent the other month, so im not doing so well so far........ and now jus tryna finish an album of some sort, with a broken laptop....and of course prevent further slipper throwing and mum rent paying."

To be clear: Niyi is a solo artist, and so is Namalee (sort of). Namalee's band, Namalee N The Namazons, consists of the frontwoman herself and whoever she happens to be collaborating with. However, Namalee & Niyi are routinely appearing on each other's songs and myspace pages - take 'Niyi's Supershiny Nanamix' by Namalee for example.

Niyi's music is what could only be described as Geek Rap: songs about his love of poached eggs, or having a crush on your friend's mum. Namalee has the ability to effortlessly swap genre about three times a song. From my point of view, it's really refreshing to see a whole scene based on happiness, individualism, looking like a twat and loving it. For too long has the world been full of floppy-fringed, pierced-lip poseurs who want to be taken seriously.

DOWNLOAD: Namalee - Namazonia
DOWNLOAD: Niyi - Ur Mummy
DOWNLOAD: Niyi - Poached Eggs

¹ Surprise surprise, Namalee is creative editor at Super Super. Oh and Creative Review magazine have an interesting article about Super Super that you can read online

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