Thursday, 6 September 2007

TRACKS: Now vs One Year Ago

Ok, this is probably a bit of a silly idea, but I've set my music library to organise by Date Created and I'm having a look at a few songs that I was ... like actually well into one year ago. Back then I had a bit of a Lily Allen obsession - I am sorry, please forgive me. Since then I have matured somewhat, and realised that 'lyrics by Lily Allen, music by Lily Allen and "insert name of songwriter/producer/person with a hint of musical skill here" ' means that all Lily had to was write some kind of stilted poetry and then be in the same room as someone who worked out a half-decent tune to go with it. Which doesn't mean you can't listen to her songs, and that they are therefore 'bad music', it just feels like a slight betrayal after she started her MySpace career by marketing herself as some kind of music-literate indie songwriter who is from the ghetto or something, when in fact she is nothing more than Britney Spears with a C in GCSE English.
Despite the fact Lily is a bitchy self-obsessed fool, you gotta love her, and some of her tunes really are more than listenable, and often quite danceable. There's been loads of remixes, but this one, renamed 'Crack Whore', by the South Rakkas Crew (I have never heard of them before or since either) is my favourite.
DOWNLOAD: Lily Allen: Crack Whore (South Rakkas Crack Whore Riddim Remix)
Whereas now, it's all about the Britney Spears, who, as far as I know, has no GCSEs to speak of - possibly because the American system of education hands out no such qualification. (Their loss). A few years ago, I was shocked when I saw someone who I had previously thought of as an intelligent, well-rounded individual, liked Toxic. I was thinking something along the lines of 'OMG YOU CAN'T LIKE THAT SHE DINNT EVEN WRITE THAT AND SHE'S LIKE A POP STAR NOT EVEN A REAL MUSIC PERSON BUT A 'POP' STAR OMG RAARGH'. How wrong I was. As far as I can see, it is perfectly acceptable to like crap music if it is listenable and good - I don't have to credit Britney with any real talent. Actually, that's not fair - she is a good singer, but only a small tiny amount of the finished product is down to her input. Nobody will remember this song in ten years, but for now I am quite happy to play this at full volume and try to gargle the word 'more' at the lowest possible pitch imaginable, until my voice does that weird popping noise like I'm that woman from The Grudge.
DOWNLOAD: Britney Spears - Gimme More
And here's a few tracks I am well into at the moment.
DOWNLOAD: Bedtime For Toys - White Fur Coat
DOWNLOAD: Ghost Frequency - Money On The Fire
DOWNLOAD: Afrikan Boy - Lidl

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