Saturday, 8 September 2007

Regina Spektor @ Royal Festival Hall, 07/09/07

Regina Spektor, Royal Festival Hall
Friday night was without doubt the most moving live performance I have ever seen. Despite the fact we were in a row so far back in a venue so huge that I for one could barely even see Regina, it was an awesome evening. Right from the second track of the show, I went into a sort of trance or something; and was nearly in tears for the whole night. Switching between piano, guitar and simply tapping the microphone in time to the beat, Ms Spektor's performance was electric.
Regina is amazingly talented, and seems to never stop writing new songs - she has literally got hundreds of them. The Regina Spektor discography is like a huge iceberg: I've got 30 of her songs in my mp3 library, (all of which I know pretty well) and this is loads more than any other band - yet I still only recognised about half of the tracks she had to offer. Personally, the highlight of the set was the unreleased 'Baby Jesus', a song that showcases Regina's amazing vocal range, as well as her superhuman piano skills.
All I need now is another Spektor album!
DOWNLOAD: Regina Spektor - Musicbox

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