Thursday, 27 September 2007

Jack Penate @ The Astoria, 26/09/07


Jack Penate put on a more than adequate set at the London's Astoria, but approximately half the crowd seemed to think they were at some kind of death-metal-football-hooligan-mud-wrestling fight extravaganza. It was the first time my parents had let me go to a gig on a schoolnight, and there weren't a lot of people my age there - for once me & my friends were actually the youngest people in the venue. There were about 3 seperate moshpit incidents that turned into fights, one leading Jack Penate to stop playing and lecture the crowd about how there was no need and it's not what his music is about.
The songs were really good, but there is something about Jack Penate that I find inherently annoying. It might be his Tony Blair-esque voice, or his slightly too rounded face, but that man incites levels of annoyance in me that I usually would reserve for people who are actually annoying. During slow number My Yvonne a female vocalist appeared onstage to do some additional vocals - at first I thought it looked like Adele, but my mate Harry swears she was wearing one of those gold name necklaces that said Julia. The main set ended with Torn On The Platform, but the encore included Learning Lines, a cover of one of those songs you sort of know of but can't remember the name of, and the excellent Second, Minute Or Hour.

DOWNLOAD: Jack Penate - Made Of Codes

There were two support bands, first folk-rockers Johnny Flynn who played a set that was reasonably pleasant to listen to, but not exactly danceable. The lead singer swapped guitars 3 times, and every time there was a smaller guitar. For the last song he got a banjo out, which almost ruined my whole evening. Please do not question my hatred of banjos - I will not go into details, but I do not like banjos. At all.
The second band were terrible. When I saw the poster, I thought 'Yay, Wild Beasts are playing.' Then I remembered that I had never heard of Wild Beasts, and that the band I was thinking of was in fact Foals, and Wild Beasts I had never heard of. The bass and lead guitarists both came on wearing turtleneck jumpers, and the singer did this cringe-enducing dancing that seemed to be based on copying the style of an angry pigeon.
The opening songs skirted the boundaries of good taste, but a few tracks in the whining falsettos became too much to take and several empty beercans started flying, along with a few ones that seemed to be mostly full. I didn't throw anything, but this was for the simple reason that I have the most inadequate throw of anyone I know, with about the same throwing skills as a newborn baby; I didn't want to embarass myself. It is a pity the band didn't feel the same way. Dressed up like a fourpiece Simon & Garfunkel both having bad hair days, I am considering starting a petition to make Wild Beasts illegal.

In other news, WOO YAY St Albans won the online monopoly board vote by a ridiculous margin. Getting more than twice the number of votes than the second place Exeter, locals voted a total of 104,107 times. Arguably St Albans only won because we are the most internet and Myspace obsessed town in the UK, but it does also show that people in St Albans love it so much that to us it's worth staying at home, making up addresses such as *keyboard smash* @ *keyboard smash* .com a million times a day for 3 weeks. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a certain boardgame to beat my brother at.


Anonymous said...

of course it was Adele! Jack said it was twice! And theres no way Adele would miss Jack at the Astoria, theyre best friends!

Anonymous said...

God u bloody bore actually i do agree with on wild beasts they were terrible

Sam___ said...

banjo's are jokes of an instrument, it's true...

your gona write a rap? hurry up man, you could write a hadouken style grindie poem, that'd be good.
: )

caitlin said...

God you have seen a lot of bands


Anonymous said...

Seriously kid.

I think you might need to reconsider your viewpoint. Jack Penate played a truly memorable set and, if you were old enough to know, which i suspect you are not, that 'cover of a song that you sort of know' was Dub be good to me by beats International. It has to be just about the only good thing to come out of the 1980s so don't knock it!

On another not, Johnny Flynn is top notch and I do kind of agree with you on Wild Beasts, although they are perfectly agreeable if you are drunk.

So to sum up:
1. Get educated and listen to some Beats International

2. Sort your grammar out, I suggest school

Tom OMG said...

I'm not sure why I am replying to this, seeing as it's unlikely mr anonymous here is going to read this, but I would just like to say that I do not feel like I was trying to insult Beats International in any way, (I was not even born in the 80s) only make it clear I didn't know who it was. I now will have listen as you suggested.
However, with regards toyou suggesting I sort my grammar out, I completely disagree. I have a ridiculous amount of coursework that I am never going to do and I do not have enough time to go through everything I write here and perfect the grammar. I simply do not care. I am aware that most of my sentences are really long, are full of way too many commas, such as this one is, but does it really matter? No. Leave me alone.

Anonymous said...

wild beats are great.(:
but that might just be because i love the pigeon dancing.
and the lead singer is my friend's brother.

but hey, whatever floats your boat.