Saturday, 12 May 2007

Vatican DC

I first heard Vatican DC a year ago, and today on the radio I heard their debut album, 'Make It Ride' is out on May 14. Vatican DC are a London-based post-punk four-piece (Yes, I'm a big fan of hyphens) and they're fast, aggressive and as raw as sushi. Or so I thought. Today I heard 'Don't Pull Your Gun On Me', which is a much slower, more friendly affair. For me the real gem of the album is 'Wow'. The song starts with a few seconds of electronic beeps which quickly merge into a killer bass riff. For me, this is a song that needs to be played over and over. Endlessly. Also worth a mention is their new single, 'Fountainhead' which I don't as of yet have an mp3 of but it's available off iTunes now.
Download: Vatican DC - Don't Pull Your Gun On Me
Download: Vatican DC - Wow
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