Saturday, 30 August 2008

summer's over

since i've last been on here i've managed to fail to go to the partyshank gig I was advertising, had a wicked time photographing loads of bands at the underage festival, spent a week sheltering from welsh rain in a welsh caravan, saw loads of brilliant comedy acts in edinburgh, got my results (they were good), rocked out at the reading festival then cheated at a ridiculous number of card games with my brother in southwold. I've also given up using capital letters because THERES NO TIME, DAMMIT.

this summer has been amazing, and i am planning on gradually writing about all the musick-related stuff eventually - even if that means you'll have to wait til october.


ca said...

Tom is it true you got like all A*??

Not like you need to tell me but thats what i heard and if you did my f***ing God thats good.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Caitlin swore, call the police. Nice to see you at that youth council thing Mister Tom (wtf?!).

ca said...

a Tom you still did amazing. People have been saying that you got 11 A* or something like that. ICT was well hard and i doubt the two guys read blogs!!

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Free Music said...

Tom you still did amazing

Free Music said...

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