Thursday, 20 March 2008

Un mixtape pour vous et aussi un chanson avec un piano

32 double DJs are three 16 year-olds and they want to spin some vinyl at as many gigs as possible. If you're a venue/promoter/dictator of a small foreign country, email them now. They're very nice people too. Probably.
They've got a fair few mixtapes on their myspace available to download, but everybody hates the nasty 96kbps myspace compression, so here's a lovely zShare link to their 'Electro House' mixtape. It's short and sweet, here's the tracklist:

New Jack (Steve Angello Mix) by MBG and SDS
We Run This (Duke Dumont Remix) by Missy Elliott
Enur Ft Natasha - "Calabria 2007 (Hatchmatik Clubabria Remix)"
Stuck on Repeat By Little Boots
Like This Like That (Count of Monte Cristal Remix) by SE:SA
Put Your Hands Up For Detroit - Fredde Le Grand
Perfect Exceeder by Princess Superstar
Out At The Pictures by Hot Chip
Polkomatic by Vitalic

DOWNLOAD: 32 Double DJs Electro House Mix (zShare)

oh and seeing as it's on there and everybody loves it at the moment:

DOWNLOAD: Little Boots - Stuck on Repeat (zShare)

***BONUS: Little Boots - Stuck on Repeat (Acoustic) (YSI)

I won't post the Hot chip dub version because I don't like it. But if you think you might - knock yourself out.

(For more about Little Boots, check her Myspace or read this interview at


Katie :) said...

your probably wondering who i am... but anyhow, i am caitlin's friend and i went to see tyc talks on monday, and i thought i should say well done cause it was awesome. :) so well done!

and your blogs rather awesome to :)


Tom Oakley said...

Thankyou. That's nice to hear.