Thursday, 31 January 2008

Metronomy release Radio Ladio video, tour dates, album 'Night's Out' released soon

The video for Metronomy's new single was unveiled today and, to quote the band, 'some people fucking hate it....go to and have a look'. On it's own the video is really not that great - yes they are painted crazy colours, but it's nothing truly groundbreaking - but combined with the song it's a pleasant enough viewing experience.
I would have to argue that the best bit of the video are the angry comments from people who want their three minutes back, some of them really are hilarious. Example:

im real sorry but that was the worst thing ive ever heard and what the hell is a radio ladio i cant belive it that song made me want to abuse my self

But the real entertainment can be obtained from people who passionately wish to defend the honour of their favourite synthpop band. Example:

it cracks me up the dark hole that some of these children come from who have such a shitty misdirected conciousness that they have to tear down some one or something that they could not say to annother face to face but hide behind a keyboard typing hatefull comments they are getting their reward in full by closing the third eye and assuring desturcion will met you half way!!!! look up because below is the nashing of teeth by defeated loosers!!!

Which just about proves that you can't argue with multiple exclamation marks!!!!!

The second album has been delivered to the label and there's no release date yet, but it's said to be planned for march/april this year. They're also starting a massive UK tour with support from Primary 1, and there's dates and details on their Myspace.



Anonymous said...

"Justice are back and it truly is beautiful. It starts out all slow with a massive brassy organ sound, opens into a killer bass riff, some drums kick in and it rumbles to a halt just after the three minute mark"

U r real good music journalist.

Tom OMG said...

Fuck off - has it not occured to you that I am just one person on a computer writing what I think - I'm not getting paid to do this and nobody is forcing you to read it.
When somebody emails me what they say is the new justice track, I generally don't assume it's a fake.
I would much rather write a load of shit and get it wrong than be cynical, sarcastic nonentity writing anonymous comments to people I don't know.

hey! Panda said...

tell it Tom. i felt a tad embarrassed for you when it turned out to be fake, but if you like the tune, you like the tune whether its really by who you thought it was or not, so what's that guy's problem?

Tom OMG said...

I just feel like an idiot because every other blog on the net who posted it seemed to be questioning if it was fake or not, yet I just assumed it was real!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha. Your blog should "rumble to a halt".
You have zero critical integrity if you talk up a song that it obviously garbage just because of the name that was tagged on the .mp3 file.
That's my 'problem'.

If you use Hey! Panda's excuse and say you actually do like the song, I'll excuse your embarrassing 'Hope' post due to that fact that you must be actually deaf.

Tom OMG said...

I don't post a huge amount on this blog, but when I can be arsed i like to be as on top of stuff as I can - I only listened to that song a few times before posting, and I thought it was pretty nice. Believe it or not, the fact that that song wan't written by Justice does not actually completely write it off as a musical composition.