Wednesday, 19 December 2007

To My Boy let you download their album for Free!

Well... not exactly. But they've recorded eight of their album tracks with acoustic guitars and slightly off-perfect production and you can download it for free from HERE. I'm not sure how stupid I am for doing this, but I made the mistake of thinking you had to sign up for their newsletter before they'd let you download it. On closer inspection, the link is in very big letters at the top of the page.

Anyway, To My Boy make very nice synthy electropop. To be honest, Messages (which was released in June) is a nice album and I did play it a bit, but it hasn't really lasted in my playlists all that much. There's a few tracks that are favourites (I am xRay and Eureka are both amazing) but overall it's not the most killer album there ever was. However, it's nice to see an electro band that quite clearly are very capable musicians, thus rendering the 'electro music is just programming a computer to make rubbish beeping noises because these people couldn't make real music if they tried' argument (that some of my friends have been pushing) completely wrong.

The acoustic tracks have clearly not had any 'pop dust' sprinkled on them, but there's a nice quality of the guitar and piano interspersed with drums that seem to be comprised entirely of hands drumming on a table, where before there was the heavy synth backing track. Just generallly nice music.

You can buy Messages HERE or from your favourite independent record shop. Or HMV but you will experience eternal damnation in hell if you do.


james h a.k.a Victory Panda said...

yeah. i made the same thinking i had to join the mailing list mistake to.

Anyway i love your bolg, its good shit.

Tom OMG said...

raargh stupid To My Boy people have now sent me about ten emails!