Wednesday, 17 October 2007

I'm feeling rather pleased

Yay, Lillica Libertine has a new mixtape and it's awesome. Titled 'Oh My Gosh 4', it's 53 minutes of sick electro banger. He's also releasing his EP in november on Meal Deal records.

In other news,

Yeah, that's right, my mum's old wacom tablet does in fact work on my computer so now I can spend my whole time failing my GCSE's through the method of iSketch.

Because I am cool I am also allowing you to download Mr Libertine's amazing remix of Papa Vito's 'Drill It'. I'm not tooo excited about the original, but the remix is phenomenal. Also, When I said "I am cool", I actually mean Lillica Libertine is cool, seeing as he posted the link to this in a bulletin about a week ago. Have a listen.
DOWNLOAD: Lillica Libertine - Oh My Gosh 444 Mix (50.4 MB)
DOWNLOAD: Papa Vito - Drill It (Lillica Libertine Remix)
*Update: Drill it link now fixed!


Dr Sfingi said...

Help me, Tom. For the last few weeks I've been playing the Chemical Brothers new CD "We Are the Night" in an endless loop. I don't leave the house much, as there's no path to follow. And when I do walk abroad I often find myself performing the salmon dance without my even knowing it. Is there any other widely-available recording that I can play to break myself of this?

(Had a similar problem some years back with Fatboy Slim -- addictive personality? Will Zoloft help?)

ca said...

i so don't understand i-sketch


Tom OMG said...

Radiohead album!