Sunday, 2 September 2007

The Riverclub Demos 1 and 2

The Riverclub are a five-piece unsigned band from hastings. They combine powerful guitar riffing with gently layered synths to create pure guitar pop perfection, with a hint of electronica thrown in. The songs are fast-paced and fun, particularly if you're sitting on the back of a bus, sharing headphones with a friend and miming the lyrics with 'emotional' faces and a few 'meaningful' hand gestures thrown in for good measure. The Riverclub are touring with Tonight Is Goodbye later this month, and released a (now sold-out) EP earlier this year.
DOWNLOAD: Riverclub - Demo 1
DOWNLOAD: Riverclub - Demo 2


Anonymous said...

i love the riverclub!!!

they are rather original, innit!
saw them at the ferryboat and uea.

yeh, i got the badges, yeh i got the t-shirts, yeh i got the CD

im the coolest!


tejasmi5 said...

Thanks for these downloads. Some Tonight is Goodbye downloads are at