Sunday, 24 June 2007

Bolt The Dizzee Hadouken Fox Party

OK I'm sorry this is turning into a blog that seems entirely dedicated to Hadouken, but I just had to do a write-up of their excellent (and I mean excellent) mixtape. Sampling all of early 2007's best banger's, this is really one for the scene kids. It's got Caroline's a Victim, Ready To Uff, TWO Klaxons rework's (major kudos on the Golden Skans snippet) and they're even remixing their own tracks. IT IS AMAZING. The available artwork only gives the sampled artist's names and not the songs, and some of the tracks I honestly cannot be bothered to research but it tracklisting is roughly as follows:

Bloc Party vs Hadouken! - The Prayer Remix
Like Woah! - (DON'T KNOW)
David E Sugar Feat Ears - (DON'T KNOW)
Wiley - (DON'T KNOW)
Plan B vs Hadouken! - No More Eating Remix
Virus Syndicate
Skepta Feat Wiley, JME, Creed - (DON'T KNOW)
Klaxons vs Hadouken! - Atlantis To Interzone Remix
Bolt Action Five - Tree Friend Tree Foe
Hadouken! - Tuning In
Uffie - Ready To Uff
Kate Nash - Caroline's A Victim
Klaxons - Golden Skans
Justice - Phantom
Fox N Wolf - Youth Alcoholic
Radioclit - (DON'T KNOW)
Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control
Test Icicles - (DON'T KNOW)
Jixilix - (DON'T KNOW)

Get the whole mixtape @

Overall the mixtape is really really good. Personally I reckon some of the rap/grimey bits at the beginning go on a bit too long + Maybe they coulda done something a bit more interesting with Caroline's A Victim. I particularly like the way they've really subtly messed with the bassline from Standing In The Way Of Control, although it actually makes me wince so much when i hear people refer to Beth Ditto & Co's three and a half minute frenzied protest track as 'The Skins Song'. Eurghhhhh.

My favourite bit of the track has to be Bolt Action Five's Tree Friend Tree Foe. I hadn't heard of this band before but I am officially in love with them. I have no idea what they are talking about with friends and foes and trees but it makes an excellent track. The Cleft Pallettes have an amazing remix of it, all glitchy synths and super mario drumbeats.
DOWNLOAD: Bolt Action Five - Tree Friend Tree Foe (Cleft Palettes Remix)

In fact, the Cleft Pallettes have some really awesome remixes, especially their edit of the Teenager's Homecoming, in which they manage to laugh at just about everything to do with the Myspace generation of 2007. Get them off their Myspace. I'm also grateful for the screechy Youth Alcoholic bit. It's like the horrible third verse of the Timewarp, except really really good. I do have first-hand anecdotal evidence it will make your pets go temporarily insane. There's a wicked "hungover booty crunk" remix of it available HERE from

In other news, Cajun Dance Party have just started their UK tour. I'm hoping to catch them at the Bedford Esquires in a few Saturdays' time, and they've just made their 2006 demo EP available free from their website. If you haven't heard Cajun Dance Party yet I seriously suggest you check them out. CAJUN FREE DEMOS
&&&& I have FINALLY managed to get my hands on the Dizzee Rascal album. I'd be lying if I said it's all good - track number 1 is especially crap, the hightlight is where Dizzee coughs at around the 2 minute 40 mark - but there are some awesome tunes. Sirens, his ode to 'goin out n robbin stuff', if you ignore the fact it includes actual sirens, is a wicked banger. Listen to the heavy guitar riffs that sound like they're stolen out an old White Stripes album, and the catchy-as-anything chorus: it's impossible not to be hooked.
DOWNLOAD: Dizzee Rascal - Sirens


Faye said...

This hadouken mixtape album is amazing, i downloaded it yesterday its great. thanks for the heads up on their 'real' album, cant wait!

Anonymous said...

the skepta ft wiley jme and creed one is the "duppy remix" =)

Anonymous said...

oh and the david e sugar vs. ears one is called "first ok"

Tom OMG said...

Update: full tracklisting is as follows:
Bloc Party- ‘The Prayer (Hadouken! Remix)’ (Wichita)
Like Woah!- ‘Oh I Like (Woah!)’ (Unknown)
David E Sugar Feat. Ears- ‘First OK’ (Brikabrak]
Wiley- ‘Eskiboy’ (Boy Better Know)
Plan B- ‘No More Eatin’ (Hadouken! Remix)’ (679 Recordings)
Virus Syndicate- ‘Red Eyes’ (Dubplate)
TNT- ‘Transmission’ (Outlaw Breaks)
Skepta feat Wiley, JME, Creed- ‘Duppy’ (Boy Better Know)
The Klaxons - ‘Atlantis to Interzone (Hadouken! Remix)’ (Merok)
Bolt Action Five - ‘Tree Friend Tree Foe (Kissy Sell Out Remix)’ (No Pain In Pop)
Hadouken!- ‘Tuning In (Re-Rub Dub)’ (Surface Noise Recordings)
Kate Nash - ‘Caroline is a Victim’ (Unknown)
Mr Ozio - ‘Flatbeat’ (Unknown)
The Klaxons - ‘Golden Skans (David E Sugar Remix)’ (Polydor)
Justice - ‘Phantom’ (Ed Banger)
Fox N Wolf- ‘Youth Alcoholic’ (Unknown)
Radioclit - ‘Mature Macho Machine (Solid Groove and Sinden Remix)’ (Unknown)
The Gossip - ‘Standing in the Way of Control (Soulwax Remix)’ (Unknown)
Test Icicles - ‘Catch It’ (Domino)
Jixilix? - ‘Go!’ (Dubplate)
Hadouken! - ‘That Boy That Girl (Demo)’ (Surface Noise)

Ashleybot said...

Thanks for the full track listing.
I heart this mix.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this really wanted all the songs thank youuuuu .